Andrea Yovanovich


Andrea is a U.S. and Canadian Dance Gold Medalist and qualifying competitor with experience in dance, freestyle, figures, and pairs. Andrea was a U.S. Figure Skating judge before starting to coach full-time in 1989. She is a master-rated dance professional through the Professional Skaters Association and holds additional ratings in free skating, moves in the field, and group instruction. Specialty areas include dance, choreography, moves in the field, and skater management. Andrea is a proud graduate of Butler University and continues to work professionally in the hi-tech field in addition to skating. Her rate is $76 per hour. 

Patty Hagen

Learn to Skate Director

Patty has been helping skaters of all ages reach their goals in singles and ice dance since 1987. She has PSA ratings in group, dance and moves in the field. Her students have competed at Junior Nationals, and medaled at Adult Nationals and National Solo Dance Championships. A journalist and author, she produced two skating books: Figure Skating – Sharpen Your Skills, and The Joy of Coaching – Celebrating 75 Years of the Professional Skaters Association. She performed in Disney on Ice shows in the United States, Asia and Australia. She coaches the Circle City Theatre on Ice teams. Her rate is $60 per hour. 

Jessica Sheplavy


Jessica is a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in moves in the field and free skating. She grew up training under Olympic champion Carol Heiss Jenkins and Tonia Kwiatkowski in Cleveland, OH. She taught group lessons for 10 years before becoming co-director of Winterhurst FSC’s Learn to Skate program. Since moving to Indianapolis, she has been teaching group and private lessons, specializing in freestyle elements. She also coaches the Circle City Theatre on Ice teams. She is not able to take on full-time students but can give supplemental lessons when approved by the main coach. Her rate is $56 per hour. 

Christie Kievit Griffin


Christie is a USFS gold medalist in free skating and moves in the field. She also passed the pre-gold dance test. A competitive skater for 15 years, she has been a Learn to Skate instructor for six years. In private lessons, she focuses on free skating and choreography. She also is a music editor. She trained with Olympians Ron Ludington and Scott Gregory at the University of Delaware. She was a starter on the junior-level UD intercollegiate figure skating team, which won three national championships. In Indianapolis, she’s a skater and assistant choreographer for the Circle City Theatre on Ice adult team. Her private lesson rate is $40 per hour.  

Demerie Kiley


Demerie is a U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist in ice dance and moves in the field. She is a two-time silver medalist at the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championship (Senior division) and a World competitor. Demerie is also a National competitor in ice dance. She trained at the Detroit Skate Club under Olympic coaches and is trained in ballet and ballroom dancing. Demerie is a member of the Professional Skating Association with 20 years of experience. She has coached skaters through their Senior moves and Gold dances. She has also had skater compete in the solo dance series as well has assistant coached synchronized skating teams. Specialty areas include, ice dance, moves in the field, and stroking/skills. Her rate is $60/hr 

Mary Anderson


Mary Anderson has a passion for skating and sharing the knowledge she has accumulated over 25 years on the ice. She was a National Solo Dance Series Competitor and completed her International Solo Dance and Senior Moves in the Field tests. She is also a proud graduate of Indiana University Bloomington and competed with the IU Figure Skating Team for four years. 

Mary has been coaching private and group lessons for 13 years. She is a CER Category A Professional Skaters Association Member specializing in Ice Dance, Moves in the Field, and Choreography. Her private lesson rate is $50/hour. 

Natalie Burnette
Natalie has been coaching professionally since 2013, when she worked with PSA master-rated coaches at St. Paul (Minn.) FSC. Since moving to Indianapolis in 2014, she has obtained PSA registered ratings in free skating and moves in the field. As a skater, she became a Gold Medalist in free skating, moves in the field, and ice dance. She competed many years in the Missouri State Games and Upper Great Lakes Regional Championships. Natalie holds an MA in Museum Studies from IUPUI and works at Newfields. Her rate is $36 per hour.