Learn to Skate FAQs

Do skaters and spectators need to wear masks?
Following all local, state and federal guidance, we require a face mask for all unvaccinated individuals and strongly encourage all others to mask as well.

Is a helmet required? We strongly encourage skaters in Snowplow Sam, Basic 1 and Adult 1 to wear a helmet. Make sure the helmet fits and the chin strap is fastened.

What should skaters wear during lessons? Gloves! A light sweater or jacket. Pants or leggings that you can move in.

What size rental skates? Little kids wear the same size in skates and shoes. Big kids, teens and adults usually wear skates one size smaller (Shoes 7 = Skates 6). You want a snug fit. Wear one pair of tall thin socks that cover your ankles. Lace skates tightly all the way to the top.

Where do I get a free parking pass? Parking passes will be distributed at your first Learn to Skate class. One pass per family. Pass availability is at the discretion of the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 

If I miss a class, may I make it up? Yes, if you send an email to learntoskate@winterclubindy.com. Classes missed during Session 1 must be made up during Session 1. 

I’m not sure my child will like skating. Are “try it” classes available? Yes. The price is $25 plus any transaction fees. If you decide to purchase the rest of the classes in that session, the fee will be deducted from the total cost of the session. However, fees from a “try it” class in Session I will not carry over to future sessions.

Can I skate with my child in the practice area during LTS? No. Only skaters who are enrolled in a class may skate in the practice area.  

My child wants to play hockey. Is this the right program for them?  Yes, WCLTS is a great place to start learning any ice sport. A skater can wear hockey skates or figure skates in our group lessons. After Basic 2 or Adult 2, skaters can transfer to a Learn to Play program, or an instructional league for youth or adults.  

Who can take the adult class? The adult classes are for beginners and advanced skaters 15 and older. You will move through the Adult 1-6 levels at your own pace.   

Does every skater need a Learn to Skate USA membership? Yes. LTSUSA membership is required every year (July 1-June 30). Members receive a welcome packet and magazine and secondary sport accident insurance. Members can participate in lessons, performances and competitions. Register at https://www.learntoskateusa.com/registration.

I paid for LTSUSA at another rink. Do I need to pay again? The membership is paid once during each season, July 1-June 30. If you paid at another LTS program after July 1, you do not need to pay again here. Always use the same LTSUSA membership number. 

Will there be a holiday recital this year? Yes. Skaters in WCLTS Session II are invited to participate with their class in the Winter Wonderland recital on Sunday, Dec. 19. Stay tuned for more information about this fun event.

When can my child move up to a higher level? When skaters have mastered ALL of the skills in one basic level, they graduate to the next level. Instructors evaluate skaters at the end of each session and then move up to the next level if they are ready. Often, skaters need more than one session to learn all of the skills in a level.

Can I skate on the (club) session after LTS? Yes, if you have passed Basic 4. Any adult skater, any level, may purchase the “club” session. Club sessions must be purchased on entryeeze.com. A club session is for figure skaters to practice and take private lessons. 

When are the public sessions? Any skater enrolled in a Winter Club Learn to Skate group lesson is admitted FREE to public sessions at Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion and the Fuel Tank at Fishers. Pop Weaver offers public sessions on weekends. Fuel Tank has a public session on most days. See the schedules at indyfueltank.com.

I want to buy my own skates, where should I go? Talk to a coach before you buy skates. Coaches can help you choose the right size and model, and avoid an expensive mistake. There are skate sellers you can talk to locally or in nearby cities. There are many online sources, once you know the size and model you need.

How do I schedule private lessons? Go to the Coach page to see who teaches private lessons. Or talk directly with your favorite instructor. Winter Club coaches are members of the Professional Skaters Association, U.S. Figure Skating and Learn to Skate USA. 

How do I buy a Winter Club shirt or jacket or mask? Orders are placed periodically. Ask at the welcome desk about the date of the next order.

Is the Winter Club LTS program part of the Fishers Fuel Tank LTS program? No. Winter Club Learn to Skate is run by the Winter Club of Indianapolis figure skating club at Pop Weaver September through January. You need to register for Winter Club Learn to Skate classes on Eventbrite. The Fuel Tank operates a separate year-round LTS group lesson program at the Fuel Tank. They have online registration at indyfueltank.com. Some of our instructors teach in both programs. Both programs use the same Learn to Skate USA curriculum. We encourage WCLTS skaters to take classes February through August at the Fuel Tank.