Theatre on Ice

Circle City Theatre on Ice is in a holding pattern, waiting to hear U.S. Figure Skating’s plan for the 2020-21 season. It’s worth noting that some TOI and synchro teams in other cities are scheduling auditions and planning practices—with masks and social distancing.

While we’re waiting for information, we hope you will work on skating, dance, and acting skills, so you’re ready to join the team when the pandemic is over. Also:

  • Let us know if you are interested in being on a team this season; email us. Depending on how many skaters are interested, we will consider forming teams for Adults (18 and older), youth, and basic skills.
  • Work with a coach on skating skills. Team members must pass a minimum skill test to participate.
  • Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion rink at the state fairgrounds will NOT open this season. When we start TOI, we will practice at another rink in our area.

Circle City Theatre on Ice invites Indianapolis-area skaters to join our teams and explore the theatrical side of skating. Our teams have fun learning about music, choreography, and story-telling, while they improve their skating skills.

If enough skaters are interested, we will form teams for various age and skill levels. Yes, there’s a team for adults 18 and older. In a typical (non-pandemic) season, the teams perform at local events to prepare to compete at Theatre on Ice Nationals in June. The 2021 TOI Nationals is supposed to be in Wichita, KS. We have had a blast skating at TOI Nationals, and we’re eager to go again!

What: Each team creates two programs. One is a “choreographic exercise” short program that demonstrates required theme and movement concepts. The second program is a long free skate telling a story through skating, dance, acting, costumes, and makeup.

Who: CCTOI welcomes any skater able to pass a U.S. Figure Skating test by April 1, 2021. You must be a member of a skating club or an individual member of U.S. Figure Skating. CCTOI has had members from Winter Club, Indy Central FSC, and Sycamore ISC. TOI is a fun way to build bridges among the clubs. Our skaters have ranged from 8 to 72 years old. We have pre-preliminary skaters as well as former international competitors. Coaches are welcome to join the Adult team. The team will be coached by Patty Hagen and Jessica Sheplavy, with help from professional choreographer Kelley Morris-Adair, other coaches, and professional dancers. Plus, many volunteers are needed to organize and manage the teams.

How much will it cost? Team members will share the cost of ice time, coaching, costumes, competition entry fees, team T-shirts and jackets, coaches’ expenses at competitions, trading pins, and professional photos. Our guesstimate is $700 per skater for the January-June season. Each family also will pay their own travel expenses (hotel rooms, food, gas, etc.) Payments will be made in several parts. If more skaters participate, the cost per skater will be lower. 

Read more about TOI here: click on Programs, and then click on Theatre on Ice. You can also watch TOI programs on YouTube.

If you are interested in joining the team or have questions, contact coach Patty Hagen or send an email to